Roof ventilation is a no-brainer in Queensland’s heat. Read on to see why Edmonds SupaVent is a superior choice in home roof ventilation for maximising comfort, lowering electricity bills and keeping the structural integrity of your home safe!

Maximising your comfort

During the day, outside heat will begin to penetrate your ceiling and heat up your house – your roof can hold heat as high as 70 degrees! This wind-driven turbine is a cost-effective way to reduce the temperature inside your roof allowing ceiling insulation to perform at optimal levels. Edmonds SupaVent is a premium wind-driven turbine ventilator designed to exhaust heat and moisture from the roof. The vent has an attractive and high-quality design with high-tech features, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

KWR Roofing - SupaVents

Reduce your electricity bills

With a SupaVent, your home works with nature to efficiently remove heat, humidity, and moisture. Equipped with wind turbine capabilities, the SupaVent harnesses the outside breeze, rather than your electricity, to cool your home naturally. With the heat inside your home reduced, fans and air conditioners won’t need to work as hard, if at all, saving both your pockets and the environment.

    KWR Roofing - SupaVents

    Keep your home safe

    The SupaVent protects you and your home year-round by keeping the roof cavity and insulation dry, ensuring mildew and mould don’t take hold. Mould is a silent and toxic danger and can have significant effects on your respiratory health! The SupaVent reduces the risk of avoidable maintenance issues from moisture damage to plasterboard and timber replacement.

    KWR Roofing - SupaVents

    Match it with your home!

    SupaVents come in a range of colours that will suit almost every metal and tiled roof, making it an attractive choice for any house. As the SupaVent is not reliant on electricity, it is easily installed and suitable for all spaces. It is well worth adding to your main dwelling and any outbuildings on your property like garages, studios, or sheds. Choosing SupaVent gives you peace of mind that you are creating a comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient home.

    KWR Roofing - SupaVents


    Save on your electricity today!

    KWR Roofing can supply and install your SupaVent for $545 + GST. Contact our qualified specialists at 07 3847 1031 or via to book.