Quality metal and tile roof replacements
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Quality metal and tile roof replacements
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Roof Replacement

Your roof is the most important part of your home, making it essential to invest in keeping it in good condition. Replacing your roof will protect the overall structure of a building, also decreasing maintenance and preventing severe and costly structural damage from moisture penetration. Various factors can lead to your roof deteriorating sooner than its lifespan warrants, including storm damage, defective gutters and water drainage, mould, moss, and algae.

Our process involves a thorough roof inspection to identify if any other roofing materials require updating during the roof replacement. Then, we provide a comprehensive and detailed scope of works and quotation so you’re fully informed of what the roof replacement will entail. 

How we perform Roof Replacements

All our roof replacements follow the same basic steps. Below is a tried and true method you can trust for a perfectly executed roof replacement.

  1. We install edge protection and safety harnesses to ensure we can work safely on the roof.
  2. Our team removes the old roof materials and installs a tarp to safeguard waterproofing due to unpredictable weather.
  3. Next, we install an Anticon blanket under the roof to minimise condensation from forming and improve the acoustic and thermal performance of the roof.
  4. We carefully select downpipes and gutters that are made to be tough, durable, and hold high volumes of water.
  5. Almost done! When installing the new roof, we remove all rubbish and clean the space to ensure a clean working area for when the roof installation begins.
  6. Lastly, we begin the installation of your brand-new roof!

Why choose us?

KWR Roofing have been in the roof replacement industry for the last 25 years and proudly serve our customers with satisfactory services through our roof replacement specialists. We are available to undertake both metal roof replacements and tile roof replacements throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast.

For more information about our roof replacement costs and services for domestic and commercial buildings, contact us now. KWR Roofing will reach you in the shortest possible time.

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