Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home’s exterior. A roof in good condition will protect you and your family from the elements, increase the efficiency of insulation and airflow, and enhance the overall curb appeal and value of your home. In poor shape, a roof can leak, develop harmful mould, and attract and house unwelcomed critters.

Looking after your roof should be a priority. Recently a family in Windaroo, Queensland, made their roof a priority after hearing about us through a friend. They contacted KWR to complete a metal roof restoration, transforming a tired and worn roof back to pristine condition.

What does a roof restoration involve?

Below are the steps involved in conducting a roof restoration:

  1. Detailed inspection & report

We inspect the condition of your roof, including any damage, repairs, and treatments required. Our team will provide you with a report outlining your customised roof restoration solution, and explain the process of the restoration, so that you can make an informed decision.

KWR - Roof Restoration
  1. Safety Preparation & Repairs

When work commences, we prepare the site with scaffolding and safety equipment that we supply and install while repairing any roof damage found during the assessment. Repairing roofs is not a small feat, but undoubtedly the most crucial step of the restoration process. Without quality repairs, you may start to get leaks and other unwanted issues.

On this property:

  • The team installed new apron & saddle flashing to the brick chimney, saddle flashing to flue, rubber dektites boots to pipes and dektite to the flue to stop any future water leaks into the roof.
KWR Roofing - Roof Restorations
  • The roof and gutters were resealed where required
KWR Roofing - Roof Restorations - Windaroo
  • Three new metal sheets were installed
KWR Roofing - Roof Restorations - Windaroo
  • Anti mould treatment was used where required
  • Re-screwed and replaced missing rivets


  1. Roof ventilation

Once all the repairs were completed, we installed two SupaVent whirlybirds for extra roof ventilation.

KWR Roofing - Roof Restorations - Windaroo
  1. Roof Cleaning

We carried out high power pressure washing to remove dirt, dust, and any other debris attached to the roof.

KWR Roofing - Roof Restorations - Windaroo
    1. Rust protection

    With the roof now repaired and cleaned, we applied a dark grey coat of Industrial Roofing’s Roof Protect Metal Primer Rust Inhibitor*. The primer contains rust killing properties to ensure extra longevity of the roof.

    (*Please note that we can only paint roofs that have not been previously painted)


    1. Gloss retention

    Two coats of Industrial Roofing’s Roof Monument Protect Thermal Heat Reflective Coating was sprayed on the roof and gutters to ensure higher gloss retention, allowing the roof to remain cleaner for a longer period of time. This coating was colour matched to the roof.

    KWR Roofing - Roof Restorations - Windaroo

    7. Completion

    Now the roof restoration is complete! KWR take pride in our work and are respectful of your space. Our team always clear gutters, remove all our rubbish, and ensure our working areas are left clean before departing. 


    See the finished product below!


    Think your roof might need a little bit of love?

    Contact our qualified specialists at 07 3847 1031 or via for a free roof consultation quote. Talk us through any concerns you might have, and we can do a thorough check and help you make the best call for your roof!