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VELUX are renowned for producing quality roof windows at a competitive price. Like VELUX, we offer a quality service with our VELUX skylight installations, providing our services at a price that rivals our competitors. VELUX installation isn’t easy, and although it’s possible to carry out installation yourself, getting an experienced roofer to undertake the work is advisable. The cost of skylight installations may vary, but we ensure that each skylight fitted in your home is best fit for your use of the space.

KWR Roofing can install VELUX skylights in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast areas.


Why choose VELUX?

    • They are heat & UV tested. The high performance double glazing keeps out up to 80% of the heat, and 99% of the UV rays.
    • They are water tested. In a country of extremes, severe drought can turn into torrential rain in a matter of minutes. VELUX skylights have passed the same water tightness test as roof tiles, and are proven to perform.
    • They are hail tested. VELUX Australia replicated the recognised American Solar Collector Hail Impact test, at a more extreme level. The skylights were hit with ‘hailstones’ the size and weight of cricket balls at speeds of up to 172 kph, now that’s the ultimate test!
    • They are load tested with concentrated loads of 110kg on the two weakest spots – the middle and the corner – for a full minute and it doesn’t leave a mark. Even a 50kg tyre hitting the weakest spot leaves a VELUX skylight unaffected.
    • They are bushfire tested. Bushfires are part of life in Australia and with record temperatures, they’re getting increasingly severe. The bushfire test exposes the skylight to an incredible 930 degree heat.
    • They are cyclone tested, being able to withstand extreme wet weather conditions. Air was pumped underneath the skylight to expand it and sucked back out again. Not once, not twice… but more than 10,0000 times.
    • They are sound tested as noise pollution in and around city centres can cause real headaches, and rarely stops. Tested in a CSIRO facility, VELUX skylights were put up against acoustic performance, airplanes, jack hammers, and sirens. The noises were reduced to that of a distant hum.
    • They are safety tested and it is almost impossible to smash a VELUX skylight with high performance double glazing, especially if it has survived hailstones the size of cricket balls and a 50kg tyre hitting the weakest spots!

    You can watch each and every test that the VELUX skylights endured by clicking here.

    What are the benefits of VELUX windows?

      • They let more natural light into your home, meaning a reduced need for artificial lighting
      • They increase room ventilation to prevent dampness and improve air quality
      • They keep your room at a balanced temperature, letting out heat when it’s warm and keeping it in when it’s cold
      • VELUX skylights can be installed on both tiled and metal roofs

      Discover more about Velux

      Watch the video below to discover more about the benefits of Velux roof windows.



      How can KWR Roofing help?

      If you want to take advantage of the many benefits of Velux windows then contact KWR Roofing. Our expert roofers are fully trained to fit roof windows, including Velux, and can provide a free, no obligation quote before fitting. We are Trustmark and Exor approved, as well as being Competent Roofer members and National Federation of Roofing Contractors assured. For a high quality service that’s backed by high quality work, choose KWR Roofing.

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