When choosing skylights for your home, take inspiration from these ideas.

Custom Clusters

Installing a cluster of skylights lends a sleek, modern finish, owning to the angular aesthetics of many Queensland roofs. This option provides a versatile and highly adaptive solution for adding natural daylight and open sky views to any part of your house. Skylight clusters are highly effective and are best enjoyed in large open spaces like entrances, stairwells, and living areas.

KWR - Choosing VELUX skylights to fit your home

High Ceiling Highlights

High ceilings create a feeling of space, expansiveness, and opulence. For elongated areas that need a long strip of lighting, skylights provide a runway of natural light, a sense of space, and pockets of reflection.

KWR - Choosing VELUX skylights to fit your home

Fresh & Functional

Looking for a year-round increased ventilation? Opening skylights are an option for a fresh, airy room, without compromising on home security.

Having opening skylights in high-traffic areas in your home will allow you to create a more breezy and comfortable space for you and your guests to enjoy. The added convenience of remote controls, built-in rain sensors, and insect fly screens make these skylights the ultimate solution.

KWR - Choosing VELUX skylights to fit your home

Prime Positioning

A kitchen skylight is the key ingredient for a brighter space. By inviting in natural daylight, you can elevate your room with both ambient and task lighting. From rustic kitchens surrounded by heavy wooden beams to elegant designs with seamless blending, a skylight is the perfect finish to any kind of kitchen.

KWR - Choosing VELUX skylights to fit your home


 KWR Roofing have a huge range of high quality VELUX skylights and can assist with both supply and installation. Guaranteed to last, our VELUX skylights have a 5-star Window Energy Rating, and come with high performance double glazing, toughened safety glass and a photocatalytic coating. You can read more about VELUX’s quality, and their weather elements testing process here.

VELUX are the element of sophistication and style your home needs!