Roof flashing is a material that roofers install to direct water away from areas like walls, chimneys, and roof valleys on your roof. It is crucial to keep your home watertight. 

There are many variations of roof flashing materials, each with benefits and levels of durability. The most suitable roof flashing for your home will depend on your roofing material, however, lead is a popular choice.

So, what makes lead a popular choice for roof flashing?

1. Resilience to the outside elements

When the weather heats up in the summer or takes a sudden drop in the winter, lead flashing will adapt as necessary. When materials cannot expand or contract relatively freely, cracks appear, creating a leak in your roof. As the material is also malleable, you will commonly find lead roof flashing used around chimneys, bay windows, and roof creasing.

KWR - Keep your home watertight with Acryflash

2. Highly robust

Lead is highly robust and will not give in or collapse. It is durable, long-lasting, and can last up to three times as long as other materials. They also provide fireproof qualities, being a non-flammable material.

3. Corrosion resistant

Corrosion resistant, lead is even more durable in exterior settings when exposed to the elements – the perfect material for waterproofing your home, ensuring no rainwater will enter your home causing leaks and water damage.

KWR - Keep your home watertight with Acryflash

KWR Roofing uses Acryflash for roof flashing. An Australian-owned product that is now the most cost-effective roof flashing on the Australian market. It is fully compliant with the Australian Drinking Water Standards and as it is certified for ‘off the shelf’ water use, you can use Acryflash in potable/drinking water applications such as flashings on roofs used as catchments for rainwater tanks.

Must we say more? This product will not break your bank account, keep your water supply safe, and keep your home safe from water damage! It can also be painted with any acrylic roofing paint to match the colour of your home.

Different from ordinary aluminium and galvanised steel roof flashing, Acryflash lead roof flashing is not a skill that all roofers possess. KWR Roofing is proud to provide this high-quality product and service.

KWR - Keep your home watertight with Acryflash


As the average lifespan of a roof is twenty years, it makes sense to be sure that each of the materials used on your roof are of top quality and usability and that the team you entrust with this project are trained professionals.

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