Queensland has some of the most severe weather in Australia, prone to heavy thunderstorms, flashing flooding, hail, and damaging winds.  

Storm season can cause significant damage to your roof, gutters, and drains, so it is worth considering what steps you should take to minimise the risk of damage.  

Top 5 ways for your roof to be storm-ready  

  1. Trim trees and branches close to your building near your home and roof.
  2. Clear gutters, downpipes and drains to avoid blockages, overflow, and foundation damage
  3. Ensure all tiles or metal roofing sections are appropriately fitted and secured.
  4. Ensure any corrosion, loose fittings, rotting, or termite-affected roof and gutter supporting timbers are repaired or replaced.
  5. Consider having your roof professionally checked for damage if you are unable or it is too unsafe to review yourself.

KWR Roofing - Is your roof storm season ready?

Make sure your home and contents insurances are up to date and understand your coverage. Before making a claim, you should know what you can and cannot do. For example, most policies specify that you must not attempt to clean up, remove debris or repair items without the insurer’s permission. Contact your insurer if you are not sure. Sometimes, you may need to prove the site has been regularly maintained before suffering storm damage. Maintenance records are helpful to have. 

KWR Roofing provides emergency storm damage response, roof and gutter repairs and preventative maintenance to assist you with storm preparation.  


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