Metal sheeting, cement and terracotta tiling are Queensland’s most popular roofing materials. While they all come with their own advantages, this guide will show you why metal roofing has the upper hand.


 1. Metal is more durable

Metal roofing is an ideal choice for Queensland roofs. It is far more durable and requires less maintenance than tiled roofing. Metal roofs are easier to seal, making them less prone to leaking when exposed to torrential rainfall.

With the advancement of metal roofing technology from companies such as Colorbond, a metal roof in Queensland weather conditions can have a lifespan of up to 50 years and requires minimal maintenance. This can cut the costs of ongoing repairs that could occur with a tiled roof.

Aerial view of large metal-roofed house painted dark grey

2. Keep your house cool year-round

Tiled roofs work great for cooler climates because they absorb UV rays to retain heat in a home, and they also work great in the warmer temperatures as they reflect UV rays, keeping your house cool, making metal roofs ideal for any climate.

This is perfect for the warmer Queensland climate, especially when you factor in saving on energy bills through reduced air conditioning use.

Metal roof with trees in the background and sun shining.

3. Eco-friendly

Many roofing materials can take decades to break down in landfill, causing harm to the environment.

With metal roofing, you can choose to use recycled materials which helps avoid extra mining for metals. If you decide to change your metal roof, you can offer your old one for recycling and carry it forward.

Metal roofing also aids energy costs by reflecting UV rays and keeping your home’s interior cooler.

Man on letter working on gutter of a metal roof.
4. Lightweight

Metal roofing is roughly ten times lighter than tiled roofs. A heavy roof can cause strain on your home’s foundation over time. Your roof will also be subject to bowing and sinking as time goes on. Lightweight materials such as Colorbond metal roofing drastically reduce this strain and are also far easier to install and replace.

5. Reduce your insurance premiums

A commonly overlooked benefit of metal roofing is that it can reduce your insurance premiums. The durability and low maintenance nature of metal roofs mean that insurance companies may offer you a reduction in insurance costs.

Make sure you speak to your insurance broker or insurance company first to see how installing a metal roof can reduce your premiums.


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