Dark houses or properties don’t sell easily. Also, a dark and dingy room looks small and far less pleasant. Therefore, getting natural light in your home or business is a need and adds value to your property. However, the Skylight is one option that fills the building with soothing, natural light with great views of the outdoors.

Using skylights Sunshine Coast gives building a special atmosphere and provide connection to the outside world. Also, the more natural light in building completes the deficiency of vitamin D in you.

Are you looking for reliable skylight installation services? If yes, then KWR Roofing is here to help you. We provide you the perfect skylight according to your needs and match every room in your building.

We are fully trained VELUX skylights Sunshine Coast professionals with over 25 years’ of experience in roofing services. Our skilled tradesmen are specialised in installing and replacing any roof new skylights quickly and hassle-free and give you new lighter, brighter and more energy-efficient home or business.

With residential and commercial skylights we can provide optimal light distribution at the building’s core while enhancing your architectural designs. We use only high-quality VELUX skylights.

It Brings More Natural Light:

Skylights provide plenty of natural light in the building. Further, the natural light improves visibility, boosts moods and improves the ambience of your area.

Excellent Source for Ventilation:

You can open skylight windows that provide excellent ventilation in home or business. In summers this ventilation help in removing all the hot air from the house. Thus, the ventilation is extremely energy efficient and increases the integrity of the property.

Energy Efficiency:

The building space with VELUX skylights Sunshine Coast rarely have to turn on electric lights during the day which will save plenty of energy and reduce energy bills.

Why Choose Us?

We are licensed and insured roofers and expert in handling skylight installation, repair and more.
We provide a warranty for our workmanship and guarantee of our products.
Our trained roofers assist you in both the supply and installation of VELUX skylight.
We are available 24/7 and offer emergency skylight repair services.
We offer free no-obligation roof inspection and quotes.

If you would like to know more about our services fell free to call us anytime, we will reach you in the shortest possible time after call.