Roofs of many buildings may suddenly fall under the influence of heavy accumulation of snow, ice or winds. If this is what happens to your roof, then replace it with a new metal roof. Metal roofs are an excellent option for homes in Brisbane because of their multiple benefits.

Why Choose Metal Roofs?

Installing a new metal roof Brisbane over the existing roof deck is easy and saves you from the cost of tear-off.  With proper maintenance a metal roof can last many years. Further, the metal roof resists rot, insects and mould growth over it.

Metal roofs need less maintenance as compared to other roof materials. Thus, it doesn’t require frequent roofing maintenance which will save you time. Unlike wood, tile, and other roofing materials, a new metal roof Gold Coast offers superior protection against the following elements.

  • Fire: A metal roof will not support combustion thus will not catch fire.
  • Wind: The metal roofs do not get fall and strongly withstand against heavy winds.
  • Water: Being impervious to water absorption, metal roofs protect the building structure from water damage.

If you plan for installation of a metal roof in Brisbane and Gold Coast then, hire KWR Roofing.

About Us:

We are a family business providing metal roofing services for the last 25 years in Brisbane and other nearby areas. Our fully qualified craftsmen use modern techniques and deliver excellence metal roof installation on time. Our technical and creative expertise allows you to select the best solution for your metal roof. We have 20 colours in the metal roof that you can choose to match shade to walls of your home or business. KWR Roofing provides ecologically sound metal roofing products.  

Why Choose Us? We:

Provide a free no obligation inspection of  roof
Are available 24/7 to provide emergency roofing services
Offer a long-term warranty for our services
Are licensed and insured roofers
Don’t hide anything from our customers
Reach your property in the shortest possible time after your call

Contact Info:

Address: 4 Coke St Camp Hill QLD
Phone No. : 4152 (07) 3847 1031

We use and recommend Industrial Roof Coatings. The chemical makeup of the Roof Protect roof paint ensures that it is always highly coloured and impervious to mould and many other stains.