Your roof shields your home against rain, hail, and sun. However, all roofs have a lifespan, and over time a roofs structural integrity will begin to wither. If regular maintenance checks are not performed, your roof will not protect your home from the outdoor elements. Keeping on top of the stability of your roof is essential; That’s why we have written 5 signs you might need a roof inspection.

1.  Chipping and deterioration of paintwork

Chipping and flaking of the paintwork not only makes your roof look aged and worn, but it also hinders its ability to protect your home from the elements. Roof paint contains valuable chemicals and protectants that shield your roof from heat, liquid, and debris.

Ensuring the paintwork on your roof is in tip-top condition will not only offer better protection it will also add value to your home and extend the life of your roof.

2.  Cracks and holes in your tiles

Replacing your broken roof tiles regularly is vital to ensure the continuous protection of your home. If damaged tiles are left unattended, water can seep into your home, causing rot and mould in your walls, insulation and ceiling. If your roof is 10 or more years old and cracks are beginning to form, then it may be time to look at getting a roof inspected.

3.  Leaks

Leaks in your roof are a prevalent sign of roof damage. If you begin to notice moisture forming on your ceiling or walls, you will likely have water leaking from your roof into your home’s structure.

It may be challenging to identify the cause of leaks when it is not raining, look for moisture marks and yellow stains appearing in the corners of your ceiling; these are tell-tale signs of a leaking roof.

4.  Clogged Gutters

Gutters play a crucial role in protecting your home by preventing rainwater from pooling up in your roof. If you notice that water is spilling out of your gutter like a waterfall every time it rains, then you might be suffering from a clog. Debris, dirt and plant growth in your gutter can restrict their function and cause further damage to your roof.

5.  Rusting and corrosion

Many new metal roofs that use high-quality products such as COLORBOND Steel are designed to resist rust and corrosion no matter the weather conditions. However, older metal roofs can be subject to rusting if exposed to water over an extensive period. Rust will cause your roof to corrode if not treated promptly; this will result in holes forming in your roof, allowing for moisture to seep in. If you begin to notice rust forming, you will more than likely need your roof replaced with a rust-resistant alternative.  If you see signs rust, you should get it investigated immediately to avoid the need for a full replacement.

Your roof is your homes first defence against the Australian weather; it needs to be properly maintained to protect you and your home. KWR Roofing are experts in roof restoration, with over 25 years in the roofing industry. Give us a call today and book a free inspection.

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