When it comes to roof restorations, there is a key difference between undertaking a cheaper job and providing value for money. Having serviced the roof industry for over 25 years, KWR Roofing have been privy to a number of poor roof restorations as a result of customers choosing a cheaper option.

We’ve put together 4 reasons why choosing a cheaper roof restoration does more harm than good for your roof.

More expensive to fix in the long run.

What may be a low-cost, easy fix job in the short term will likely turn into an expensive, lengthy process down the line.

Queensland weather can be unkind to your roof, especially in storm season. A low-quality tiled roof restoration is more likely to have tiles that deteriorate, erode and crack easily in hard weather, eventuating to leaks. In the long run, this will end up costing more to fix.

KWR Roofing uses only the highest quality materials on your roof, including Nano Glaze and Roof Protect Roof Membrane. This ensures your roof is protected against any harsh Queensland weather.

A cheap roof restoration like the job above, ends up being more expensive in the long run.

Devalues the property

The condition of your roof is pivotal to both the safety and appearance of your home.

A badly restored roof is more likely to decrease your home’s market value. Buyers are frequently put off by a roof that appears in need of repair or doesn’t look aesthetically appealing.

KWR Roofing roof restorations include a high pressure clean in conjunction with premium quality roof paint products to ensure your roof has no wear and tear, and looks its best.

Mistakes are more likely

If you are offered a lower-priced roof restoration, it’s likely corners will be cut to lower costs. We have seen first-hand examples of restorers using leftover paint and unmatched materials, not fixing structural defects first or forgetting to use sealant. Mistakes like this will mean your roof is not as safe and protected as possible.

At KWR Roofing, we have a set process for all our roof restorations. Our procedure is something you can trust – it is a tried and true method for perfectly restoring a tired looking roof. Read our procedure here.

Use of cheaper materials

The cost of a roof restoration can be lowered by using cheaper materials, which can make the roof restoration last less than half the time that a premium quality restoration will.

At KWR Roofing we only use premium quality products in all our roofing services.

For tiled restorations, we use Roof Protect Roof Paint, which allows us to provide you with a 15-year manufacturers warranty and 7-year workmanship warranty on our restoration work when you choose a four-coat system.

For metal restorations, we use a three coat system (one coat of Roof Protect Metal Primer & rust inhibitor and two coats of Roof Protect Thermal Heat Reflective Coating), and provide you with a 10-year warranty and 7-year workmanship warranty.

How to avoid a cheap roof restoration

Do your research first!

  • Ask for qualifications and undertake a license check on the QBCC website
  • Make sure a company holds Workers Compensation Insurance and Public Liability Insurance
  • Check what is included in the quote to ensure you’re getting what you pay for
  • Check the company website, client testimonials and ratings for credibility purposes
  • Ask how long they have been in the roofing industry for

Before and After of our roof restoration service. With experience and the right skill set, the professionals at KWR Roofing can provide you with a cost-efficient and flawless roofing solution.  

How we can help you

A roof restoration is a significant investment on your home and should only be completed properly. KWR Roofing are experts in both tiled and metal roof restorations in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast areas. We are tradesmen, not salesmen, and will treat your roof with the highest degree of care.

Please contact us via info@kwrroofing.com.au or phone on 07 3847 1031 today for an honest quote to bring your roof back to its former glory.