Solarxvent is a relative ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to roof ventilation options. Solar-powered and sleek in both looks and efficiency, the Solarxvent is activated by sunlight exhausting heat and humidity from the roof cavity creating a comfortable and healthy environment in your home.


Maximise Your Comfort

Roof ventilation is a no-brainer in Queensland’s heat, particularly when you are using a SolarxventIt utilises Queensland’s abundant sunlight to power the fan that exhausts heat from your roof space. The Solarxvent is a costeffective way to reduce the temperature inside your roof allowing ceiling insulation to perform at optimal levels. Combining the Solarxvent with ceiling insulation maximises comfort by shielding occupants from Queensland’s oppressive heat and humidity. 

Create a Healthy Home 

The powerful Solarxvent protects you and your home year-round keeping the roof cavity and insulation dry. A humidity and moisture free roof cavity is really important to ensure mildew and mould don’t take hold. Mould is a silent and toxic danger to respiratory health, the Solarxvent is an asthma and allergy aware product and a proud partner of the National Asthma Councils’ Sensitive choice program.  The Solarxvent ensures a dry roof cavity helping to keep your home mould and moisture free and reducing the risk of avoidable maintenance issues from moisture damage to plasterboard and timber.  


Work with Nature

With a solarxvent, your home works with nature to energy efficiently remove heat, humidity and moisture. Equipped with a 10watt solar panel, the Solarxvent harnesses energy from the sun rather than your electrical supply to cool your home naturally. With the heat inside your home reduced, fans and air conditioners don’t need to work as hard, saving both your hip pocket and the environment.

Ideal for all Building Styles

Solarxvent’s low profile is sleek and architecturally unobtrusive making it ideal on roof-tops of all building styles. As the Solarxvent is not reliant on electricity, is easily installed and suitable for small spaces, it is well worth adding to your home and any outbuildings on your property; garages, studios or sheds. If your lifestyle ambitions are more remote, Solarxvent is also perfect for off-grid dwellings. Choosing a Solarxvent gives peace of mind that you are creating a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient home. 

How can KWR Roofing help me?

If you are interested in buying and installing Solarxvents, we have it all. Contact us via or phone on (07) 38471031, and our specialist team of tradesmen will be happy to advise and help you increase comfort and value in your home.