If you have ever thought about installing skylights in your home, this is a must-read blog for you about how skylights can enhance your home and add value.Skylights are an inexpensive way to bring in light while creating design features in your home. There are also home and human health benefits with including skylights in your home.

Skylight Benefits

Skylights allow natural light to flow into your home which helps reduce both energy costs and the need for lighting solutions. Studies also show that natural light can improve your mood and mental health while also improving your productivity.Opening skylights also allows for ventilation in your home. During sweltering summer days in Queensland, skylights assist warm air to escape while allowing cooler, fresher air to enter the house.Having a large skylight or multiple skylights helps bring the outdoors into your home. You can even stargaze at night without the bother of pesky insects!

Skylight Locations 
Placing an opening skylight or multiple skylights in your kitchen will not only brighten up your bench space but will also reduce condensation building up. Steam and heat generated through cooking are provided with a natural way to escape from the kitchen. Bathrooms are often located in dark areas in the home. Skylights can add exceptional advantages to allow light to shine in and provide much-needed ventilation. Skylights over a staircase can be simply stunning while allowing light to flood the stairwell. It visually enhances the home and gives a sense of height and space.

Things to consider when installing skylights

Skylights offer you the opportunity to add to the design features of your home in many cases. Think about the space where you need light and ventilation and consider the most visually pleasing solution. Questions may include what type of roofline you have. Is your roof flat to allow one large skylight to work well in the space, or do you have a pitched roof where a skylight on either side will feel balanced and create an attractive design feature? Popular today is the installation of four or more skylights together or banks of skylights. One thing is for sure; skylights can add value to your home if considered well and installed effectively.

Why choose VELUX at KWR Roofing?

KWR Roofing recommends the VELUX skylight range. VELUX skylights have a 5-star Window Energy Rating and come with high-performance double glazing, toughened safety glass and a photocatalytic coating. These skylights are tough enough to endure Queensland’s tough storm season.

How can KWR Roofing help me?

If you are interested in buying and installing skylights, we have it all. Contact us via info@kwrroofing.com.au or phone on 07 3847 1031, and our specialist team of tradesmen will be happy to advise and help you increase the value of your home with VELUX skylights.