When it comes to keeping homes comfortable, roof ventilation isn’t always the first thing to come to mind, however making sure your roof is in tip-top condition is important to maintaining the integrity of your home.

No matter where you live, there is a chance you will experience bitter cold or extreme heat from time to time. While your home is the perfect escape from the outdoors, a roof that isn’t properly ventilated won’t protect your home adequately.

Roof ventilation can help maintain a healthy climate throughout the rest of the home, as well as combat the build up of moisture and mould growth prevention. In a hot Australian summer, the temperature inside the roof cavity can reach up to 70 degrees Celsius. Using an air conditioner may decrease the temperature but increase energy costs – cooling the roof using ventilation keeps the rest of the home cool and reduces dependency on air conditioners.

Roof vents also allow the build-up of warm, moist air in living spaces to escape through the roof cavity to protect the structural integrity of your roof

Active roof ventilation will continually circulate the air in your roof space, both hot and cold. It is important to have an inlet and outlet vent of the same volume to equalise the air flow with a pair of ventilators to each zone of a roof space. To put it simply, a roof vent allows fresh air in and stale, moist heated air out.

Having your roof properly ventilated is an essential step to ensuring your home is comfortable and secure. Taking steps to protect your property now will extend the life of your roof being a much more cost-effective option than a full roof replacement.

If your roof cavity isn’t already well ventilated, then installing the state of the art SolarXVENT may help to lower your air conditioning load in summer and reduce the risk of moisture damage to your roof structure. Operating off solar power, the recently launched SolarXVENT when exposed to sun light exhausts heat and humidity through the activated fan. Easily installed on both metal and tiled roofs with no mains or electrical wiring, the SolarXVENT is perfect for the Queensland climate.

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