Whether you are planning on buying or selling a house, have spotted signs of damage, or simply are wanting to make your home feel brand new, undertaking a roof restoration is a great investment in your home. Given that the roof is a central feature of the home, offering not only protection from harsh elements and weather, but enhances the overall look of the home.

If you have heard of a roof restoration, but are not quite sure what is involved in the process or whether it is the right type of roof maintenance you require, please take a read of what is involved in our roof restoration process.

roof restoration

What is a roof restoration?

A roof restoration is the process of restoring your roof through cleaning, repairing and recoating to bring it into a better state. It’s beneficial for both tiled and metal roofs, as it helps extend the life of your roof.

Do I need a roof restoration, roof repair or a roof replacement?

A roof replacement is generally the most expensive option as it involves completely removing an existing roof to replace it with a new one. As with everything, regular maintenance will help reduce the costs of significant repairs in the long term.  A roof restoration is the preferred option over a full roof replacement given that it restores the state of your roof without the huge cost.

A roof repair is cheaper again than both a roof restoration and a full roof replacement where it simply involves repairing minor issues with the roof.

If you are unsure about what state your roof is in, and consequently what kind of maintenance you require, our team will be more than happy to advise you on what process will be most appropriate for your home and circumstances.

painting roof

What is involved in the roof restoration process?

Our process involves carrying out a thorough roof inspection to firstly identify any problems with your roof and determine what kind of maintenance you require. We then provide a comprehensive and detailed scope of work and provide an honest quote, so you can make a fully informed decision on what service you want.

Before undertaking work, our team installs edge protection and/or safety harnesses to ensure we can work safely on the roof.

Following the initial roof preparation, we undertake the following tried and tested process:

1. Our team performs the needed roof repairs. This includes ridge cap repointing using star point flexible pointing. Ridge cappings are the triangular shaped elements that sit at the top intersecting and sloping edges of your tiled roof. These areas commonly have racks or gaps that need repairs by undertaking repointing. Repointing is done firstly so the entire roof is ready for cleaning and painting. After this process has been completed, the ridges will be secure from wind uplift, roof tile movements and rain.

2. Next, we apply a high-pressure water blaster to the full roof surfaces. This removes any built-up dirt and moss that would normally prevent the paint bonding to the tile or metal roof.

3. An antifungal roof solution is then applied to the entire roof area. The solution works to prevent moss, mould other bacteria growth which have the potential to cause long term damage to the roof structures.

4. Following the application of the antifungal solution, excess cement work is removed.

5. A primer is then applied to the roof to allow time for it to soak into the porous tile. For metal roofs, we apply a coat of CT Primer Metal Primer Plus roof membrane in a colour of your choice

6. If desired, the team will then apply two coats of kill rust paint to all valley irons and two coats of paint to all vent pipes and flashings. This option provides additional protection against rust, extending the life of the roof.

7. We finish the roof off with the premium quality product, Industrial Roof Coatings roof paint. This roof paint is of high quality, providing you with 15-year warranty on our restoration work.

8. Almost done! Next, we apply two thick coats of Nano Glaze to make the roof look extra glossy (Tiled roofs only!)

9. Lastly, we then apply an optional coat of Roof Protect

Is there a guarantee?

Our team takes pride in every job whether big or small and our warranty certificate can ensure you that our service will provide you with a quality roof to endure Queensland’s harsh heat and severe storms.

For customers who have received Industrial Roof Coatings Roof Protect 4 coat system range, they will receive 15-year manufacturer’s warranty and 7 year workmanship warranty.

Further, for customers who have received Industrial Roof Coating’s Roof Protect Heat Reflective paint system, they will receive 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and 7-year workmanship warranty.

Want to know more?

Is your roof in desperate need of a roof restoration? With over 25 years of experience, KWR Roofing are experts in tiled and metal roof restorations in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast areas.

Please contact us via info@kwrroofing.com.au or phone on 07 3847 1031 today for an honest quote to bring your roof back to its former glory. We are available to undertake both metal and tiled restorations throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.