Roofs are most often ‘out of sight and out of mind’. They are not something you may ever personally lay your eyes on. Still, someone needs to as they are essential to the functionality of your home.

Having your roof inspected may not currently be at the top of your to-do list. However, after months of rain, having a roof inspection undertaken by a professional is crucial for both homeowners and those looking to buy.

Water stain marks on a ceiling with a leak

Here’s what a roof inspection specialist will look out for:

• moisture or mould growth
• roof leaks or signs of ageing
• structural issues or non-compliance with Codes of Practice
• soffits cracking or rotting
• leaky or rusty gutters
• damaged insulation
• faulty installation and poor workmanship

It is best to catch any of the above issues early before the problem gets bigger and more costly. Some signs of a potential problem that you may be able to spot are leaks, draughts, dark streaks, or stains on your ceiling. However, it takes an experienced roofer to get to the heart of the problem, identify more complex structural issues, and thoroughly inspect a roof surface and cavity.

KWR Roofing Specialist Inspecting a Roof for Damage

What should I expect from a roof inspection?

For a thorough roof inspection, you need to engage a specialist roofer who is professionally trained. Source a licensed roofer with an excellent record who will provide a detailed roof report, and a workmanship warranty and guarantee. Roof reports are particularly useful if you need to file a claim to your insurance for repairs or if structural faults are identified in the report.

KWR Roofing Specialist Inspecting a Damaged Roof
How can KWR Roofing help?

The KWR Roofing team goes the extra mile to provide sound roof reports for South-East Queensland clients and are also available to provide emergency roof inspection services if a weather event impacts your home. With over 25 years of experience, KWR Roofing offers excellent roof inspection services.


If you would like to further explore the best suited roofing options available for your home, get in touch with the professionals at KWR Roofing. Contact us at or (07) 3847 1031.