There are four simple things you can do to prepare your home for a smooth roof restoration project with KWR Roofing, ahead of the scheduled work.


 1. Let the neighbours know

It is always a good idea to let your immediate neighbours know in advance of your roof restoration. It helps to reassure them that there will be no impact to their property and that KWR are a professional team who will minimise any potential for disruption. Giving a start and end date for when we will be on site is also useful.

Water stain marks on a ceiling with a leak

2. Site access

We will assess this with you when quoting and scoping the project, if there are any agreed items that you are undertaking in relation to site access, it is good to organise these in advance of the project’s start date.

KWR Roofing Specialist Inspecting a Roof for Damage

3. Prepare your pets

We love pets and want them to feel comfortable while your roof is being restored.  However, it hard to predict how an animal will react to people and equipment on your roof. Consider options for making your pet comfortable with our presence, whether that be a relocation of their enclosure, or whether you will move them inside the house at different times of the day or project.

KWR Roofing Specialist Inspecting a Damaged Roof
4. Prepare for the high pressure clean

During the high-pressure clean tree debris and dirt could land on items in your yard. Consider relocating the following items in your yard or attached to your house ahead of the cleaning day; temporary shade structures, outdoor furniture, play equipment and pet kennels. Similar to an external house wash, ensure your windows are closed on the day of the high pressure clean.

KWR Roofing Specialist Inspecting a Damaged Roof

KWR Roofing will take all the necessary measures to ensure drainage mitigation to water tanks and City Council waterways is correct. There is not too much you need to do to prepare your home for roof restoration. If there is anything specific to your site, this will be discussed in the quoting and scoping stage. You can sit back and enjoy having the KWR team work to repair and restore your roof enhancing the appearance and value of your home.

If you would like to further explore the best suited roofing options available for your home, get in touch with the professionals at KWR Roofing. Contact us at or (07) 3847 1031.