With the number of roofing businesses, choosing an excellent and reliable roof repair company should be simple. However, not all are equal, and trusting the wrong business could result in very costly outcomes.

Whether you require a gutter fix or a complete roof restoration, a reliable roof repair company using quality materials is needed, as cheap fixes can often lead to expensive future repairs. With hundreds of companies claiming to be the best in the business, how do you decipher which one is legitimate and which will only have us digging further into our pockets?!

Identifying a Good Roof Repair Company

1. Licensed Business

To obtain their roofing license, all professional roofers must complete a 4-year roofing apprenticeship or traineeship certification. Ensure your roofer is fully licensed.

2. Scope of Work

From the beginning, a clear expectation must be set between you and your roofing provider, highlighting the scope of work and timeframes for completion. Your project details should be understood and agreed upon. Avoid roofing businesses that do not outline the scope of work and discuss the products being used.

3. Quote

It is paramount that a quote is discussed and agreed. Ensure you are satisfied and aware of the agreed roofing and guttering work and understand any implications.

4. Warranty

Find a roofer who will provide a good warranty on their workmanship and products to ensure the longevity of your roofing investment. This will protect your investment in your roof and ensure long-term results. A business that provides a warranty has confidence in its work and products and is willing to back up its skills.

5. Reviews and Testimonials

Review business websites, social media platforms and customer reviews, as this will give you information on the work that the roofing businesses near you carry out and their commitment to their customers.

Please note, Queenslanders, we are known for our wild weather, and many out-of-state roofing repairers take advantage of our storm seasons to make quick cash before moving on to the next disaster zone. Check that your roofing company understands the weather climate and uses quality products and long-term solutions rather than a patch-up job that will cost you much more over time.

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Why Choose KWR Roofing? 

KWR Roofing is a reputable family business with 25 years of experience. Our dedicated, qualified, and experienced team of honest tradesmen takes pride in every job, regardless of size, and guarantees our work. We prioritise delivering exceptional results, exclusively utilising premium materials and products.

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