In South East Queensland, the arrival of summer not only brings warmer weather but also the onset of seasonal storms. These powerful storms can test the resilience of any home, particularly the roof. At KWR Roofing, we understand that a leak during these tumultuous times can be particularly distressing. As SEQ’s trusted roofing experts, we’re here to guide you through managing roof leaks, ensuring your home remains safe and dry despite the challenging weather conditions.

Steps 1: Contain the Leak 

* Collect the Water: Place a bucket or a large container under the leak to catch the water. This helps prevent water damage to your floors and furnishings.

* Relieve Water Pressure: If you notice a bulging water spot on your ceiling, carefully puncture it with a screwdriver to release the water. This alleviates pressure, controls the flow and helps mitigate further ceiling damage.

Step 2: Assess the Damage

* Inspect the Leak: If safe, try to identify the source of the leak. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a missing shingle or a small hole.

* Document for Insurance: Take photos of the leak and any damage for insurance purposes.

Step 3: Temporary Fixes

* Apply Roofing Tape: For minor leaks, roofing tape can be a temporary solution.

* Use a Tarp: Covering the affected area with a waterproof tarp can prevent further water ingress until professional help arrives.

Step 4: Call the Professionals

 * Seek Expert Help: Contact KWR Roofing for a professional assessment. Our team, with over 25 years of experience, will provide you with an honest, thorough inspection and obligation free quote.

*Schedule a Repair: We’ll work with you to schedule a timely repair, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.

Step 5: Prevent Future Leaks

* Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular roof inspections with KWR Roofing to identify and address potential issues before they turn into leaks.

* Consider Upgrades: Upgrading your roof with quality materials can enhance its durability, especially in Queensland’s challenging climate.

A leaking roof can be stressful, but taking the right steps quickly can mitigate damage and restore your roof’s integrity. Remember, KWR Roofing is here to help with our expert services, from minor repairs to complete roof replacements. Don’t let a leak dampen your spirits – we’re just a call away.

Why Choose KWR Roofing? 

KWR Roofing is a reputable family business with 25 years of experience servicing Brisbane and Gold Coast. Our dedicated, qualified, and experienced team of honest tradesmen take pride in every job, regardless of size, and guarantees our work with a 7-year workmanship warranty on all qualifying projects. We prioritise delivering exceptional results, exclusively utilising premium materials and products. 

For more information about our range of roofing repair services, contact our friendly team at (07) 3847 1031 or