Whether you are building or renovating your home, the roofing you select plays more than just a supporting role. While the key properties to look out for are durability and longevity, you must also consider factors like style, budget, and climate suitability. So, what is the best residential roofing option for your home? We cover all the possibilities below.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are loved by Australian homeowners and for a good reason too. They are lightweight, flexible, fire resistant and if installed correctly, will last for decades with minimal maintenance. KWR Roofing use genuine COLORBOND® Steel and Zincalume® products. The high thermal efficiency absorbs less heat and cools your home quickly – perfect for our hot Queensland summers.

Although noise can travel through metal roofs, insulation is an easy fix. Who doesn’t love listening to Summer storms?

Apex St, Metal Roof Replacement

Concrete Tiled Roofing

Popular, affordable, and durable, concrete tiles can be used to complement a range of architectural styes. They come in a variety of shapes and patterns, which you can achieve a range of looks depending on whether you want a more classic or contemporary façade. They are also a safe option for bushfire prone areas and are highly resistant to wind.

While concrete tiles will age to a matt finish and potentially lose some colour over time, the tile’s performance will not be affected.

Albion Ct, Concrete Tiles

Terracotta Clay Roofing

These clay-based ceramic tiles are hardwearing and provide a well-insulated roof surface that suits any climate. They come in many shapes, profiles and colours – including the attractive orangey-red colour most commonly associated with terracotta. Since the tiles are glazed, they don’t show their age with time.

Although terracotta tiling is the more expensive roofing option, they are becoming an increasingly sought-after option for those looking to achieve a more classic style.

Sector St, Terracotta Tiles

If you would like to further explore the best suited roofing options available for your home, get in touch with the professionals at KWR Roofing. Contact us at info@kwrroofing.com.au or (07) 3847 1031.