Whether you are buying or selling a house or have noticed something wrong with your roof, undertaking regular roof inspections is crucial. The roof of the building is consistently exposed to harsh elements like sun, rain, snow, hail and ice which can damage your roof. Neglecting small damage can lead to bigger damages such as mould growth, structural issue, damaged insulation, etc.
KWR Roofing offers excellent services for roof inspections within Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Our licensed and professionally trained roofers are expert in residential as well as commercial roof inspections. We provide roof reports on potential faults and issues of the roof in written that you can use for repair and insurance work.

KWR Roofing team goes the extra mile for satisfactory roof reports for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast clients. We are available 24/7 to provide emergency roof inspection services to give our customers peace of mind. Here are the things that make our roof inspection unique:

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Great workmanship record
  • Provide detailed roof reports
  • Workmanship warranty and guarantee
Warning signs that may need a roof inspection

Leaks and drafts are two most obvious signs that you need a professional roof inspection. Dark streaks or stain on your ceiling indicate moisture in the interior or your roof. Cool drafts may also be a sign of a faulty roof that can lead to problems with proper ventilation and air circulation.
A more thorough roof reports can reveal more severe roof damages that are not apparent to the untrained eye. So, scheduling annual roof inspections is always a smart idea.

Things That Our Expert Roofers Look For During A Roof Inspection
  • Non-compliance of the roof with Codes of Practice
  • Moisture and roof leaks
  • Soffits cracking or rotting
  • Leaky or rusty gutter
  • Inspect the interior of the roof
  • Check the attic for signs of leaks or ageing
  • Inspect the underlayment material of the roof
  • Moisture or mould growth
  • Faulty installation and poor workmanship