Queensland’s Summers are notorious for frequent, intense storms which leave behind a trail of destruction from hail damage. In fact, since 2007 hailstorms have quickly become Australia’s most costly natural disaster with insurance costs and repairs.

With this in mind, it’s important to ensure all aspects of your home are designed to handle anything Australian weather throws at it. Roof skylights are no exception to hail damage and are in a position of maximum exposure to Queensland’s powerful storms. A damaged skylight with consequential flooding will contribute considerably to the resulting damage in the event of a hailstorm.

VELUX skylights are the only skylights tested for hail in the market where most other acrylic skylights are incapable of withstanding hail. In a recent test, the durable VELUX brand consistently withstood synthetic hail stones the size of tennis balls at a speed of 172km per hour even in their weakest areas. Where many other leading skylight brands available on the market have been found to break in such conditions, VELUX skylights will provide you with peace of mind leading into storm season.

VELUX skylights have been specifically designed and tested for the purpose of resisting large hailstones with a high performing double-glazed glass. The outer pane, made from toughened safety glass, is additionally supported by a laminated inner pane for further protection. With high quality double glazing, VELUX skylights are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

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