Tough, wind-driven ventilation

KWR Roofing is a proud supplier and installer of the popular SupaVent by Bradford Ventilation.

SupaVent is known for its tough UV-stable material which prevents rust and corrosion, and innovative design, which performs even in the lightest of breezes, ensuring effective ventilation in your roof cavity.

We are offering a special supply & installation package:

Supply & Install 2 x SupaVents = $750 + GST


Take advantage of this great offer in time for the colder months with KWR Roofing. SupaVent works to remove condensation inside your roof, preventing harmful mould growth.

Contact us today at info@kwrroofing or book via the form.


Why SupaVent?

  • Reduces harmful mould growth inside the roof during winter
  • Exhausts heat inside the roof in summer temperatures
  • High quality UV stable polymer material prevents rusting and corrosion
  • Economical and environmentally friendly ventilation solution
  • Maintains the performance of ceiling insulation so it lasts longer
  • Available in 17 colours
  • Designed to perform even in light breezes
  • 15 year warranty

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