Roofs are an important part of the architecture of any home or office space. The roof is not just a structure but can add substantial value to the overall aesthetic look of the property. Due to the to its constant exposure to the brunt of the elements it can result in a dull looking, leaky roof over time. If your roof does develop leaks, the rainwater can begin to move underneath roof tiles and into the ceiling, so timely repair is a must.

Roof inspection:

We offer comprehensive roofing inspections. Our inspection team analyses your roof from every angle and create a thorough report that will include small to significant roof issues. We will give this report to you and help you with reliable solutions depending upon roofing needs and your budget.

Specialist Roof repairs in Chelmer:

If you have identified any damage on your roof, call KWR roofers. We can handle residential and commercial roof repairs Chelmer with ease.  Our skilled roofers not only repair the roof but also make sure that all aspects, even hidden, minor damage is addressed for a long lasting roof.

When you are in need of roof restoration Chelmer, we undoubtedly provide the best service in the area. Our tradesmen remove all the mould and mildew with water pressure and replace all damaged roof tiles. Our team will do any re-pointing or re-bedding where necessary. Also, the repair and restoration work is complete our roof painters Chelmer will apply a coat of ant-bacterial paint. The paint makes your roof look like brand new and slow decay.

Roof replacement or re-roofing:

If you want to update your roof or if your roof is damaged to such extent that the only option is re-roofing, then we can help you. We are capable of installing a new roof at your home or business.  The new roof adds more value to your property and helps to reduce energy bills as well if unnecessary heating is being lost to damage in the roof.

Tiled roof extension:

Do you want to extend the roof of your building? If yes, then we are here to help you. Our expert and experienced roofers can extend your roof, be it a single room addition, multi-room extensions or any other roofing alterations.

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