Most of the time the roof of the building is exposed to harsh weather elements like sun, rain & hail which can damage it. Over time a small leak or damage turns into big damage and can put a big hole in your pocket.

Are you looking for reliable local roofers for your leaky roof?

If so, then KWR Roofing is here to help you! We offer excellent roofing services like roof restoration Alderley, roof repairs, re-roofing and more in the area. Our licensed and professionally trained roofers are expert in residential as well as commercial roof painting Alderley. They also provide roof reports on potential faults of the roof in written that you can use for insurance purpose.We provide premium roofing services for residential and commercial spaces in Alderley.

Residential Roofing:

A properly planned and installed roof adds values to your home. Along with enhancing beauty a well-maintained roof protects you and your family members against weather conditions.

We employ only trained tradesmen who are capable of handling all your house roofing needs. No matter what style of residential roof you have we are committed to providing you best solution.  The services we offer for residential roofs are:

  • Roof cleaning
  • Roof inspection
  • Roof restoration Alderley
  • Skylight installation
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Re-bedding and re-roofing
  • New tile roof installation and more.

We are available 24/7 for emergency roofing needs for your commercial space. We also provide a warranty for our services and reach you in minimum time after your call.

Commercial Roofing

The roof of the commercial building plays a vital role in keeping the business safe. A small hole or leak in it can put you in big trouble. So, select a reliable KWR commercial roofing contractor, to save commercial roof from damage. Our skilled roofers and roof painters Alderley are expert in installing or repairing roof without any disturbance.

We clean the mess after we finish the work. We do our roofing work with silence so that your business task should not be suffered much. We use only high-quality roof material that provides durability and strength to the roof of commercial space.

We don’t patch the damaged part; we inspect the entire roof and then decide the required action to make it look like new again.

Feel free to call us any time and get free no-obligation quotes from us.

The chemical makeup of the Roof Protect roof paint ensures that it is always highly coloured and impervious to mould and many other stains.