VELUX FCM Flat Roof, double glazed Skylights


Flat Roof, double glazed Skylights
The brilliantly simple FCM flat roof skylight incorporated the VELUX High Performance laminated glazing unit and an all metal exterior frame.

• Unlike acrylic or polycarbonate – laminated glass will not fade nor discolour over time.

• The smooth exterior gives not only a lower profile on the roof, but also provides a “cool” daylighting solution by effectively blocking heat build up and UV rays.

• High performance double glazing as standard – blocks approx 75% of radiant heat and gives approx 99% protection from UV rays.

• NEAT™ coating on outer pane
reduces cleaning frequency.

• Maintenance-free PVDF lacquered aluminium frame withstands the extremes of the Australian climate.


Custom flashings are required for VCS/VCM/FCM skylights (Not Provided)

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