Have you been considering a home renovation with all the extra time spent at home recently?

HomeBuilder, the Federal Government renovation grant, provides eligible owner-occupiers with a grant of $25,000 to build or substantially renovate their homes.

KWR Roofing have a wide range of home upgrades that are perfect for adding comfort and value to your home. From roofing necessities crucial to ensuring upkeep and preservation of your house, such as roof repairs and ventilation solutions, to aesthetic updates, such as skylights and roof painting, KWR are here to help!

Here are our top 5 update ideas for your HomeBuilder grant.

1. Roof Restoration

Is your roof looking a little tired? Roof restorations are great for reviving your home and increasing its value.  KWR Roofing have a tried and true method for perfectly restoring metal and tiled roofs.

First, we perform a thorough roof inspection to identify problems, and carry out any repairs required, such as ridge cap repointing. Next, we carry out high pressure cleaning prior to painting, to remove built-up dirt and moss, which can otherwise prevent the paint from bonding to the roof. We then paint the roof with premium primer, thick glaze and roof protect.

Contact us for quality roof restoration today!


2. Roof Repair

Do you have a leaky roof, damaged gutter, or broken tiles? If you have been meaning to get your roof repaired, now is the perfect time with the Federal Government Grant!

The most common issue we see is leaking roofs. Left unfixed, a leaking roof will lead to serious and costly damages, including damp insulation, stains, mould, and structural issues.

KWR’s workmanship on repairs are backed by a 7-year warranty. Get your roof repaired today with KWR’s team of expert roofers!

3. Roof Painting

A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference in brightening up your home. If your roof is looking dull, or you are wanting to update the look and feel of your residence, having your roof painted can make all the difference.

Our roof painting experts have a quality roof painting process, starting with high pressure cleaning, and finishing with a layer of industrial roof coating to protect the roof membrane. Contact us to book roof painting!

4. Skylight Installation

Skylights are a perfect way to add natural light and fresh air into your home, as well as a touch of modern sophistication. They are also becoming increasingly popular to save energy and increase the value of your property.

KWR use VELUX Skylights, which have the added convenience of remote-control functionality and built-in rain sensors. VELUX Skylights are factory treated with a base preservative to reduce mould and mildew, and each unit comes with a quality frame made from Ponderosa pine.

Even better, KWR Roofing proudly offer the supply and installation of the popular VELUX Skylights. Contact us today to find out more!

5. Ventilation

Does your roof have proper ventilation? If you are happy with the look of your roof, you may want to consider putting the Federal Government renovation grant towards a structural investment.  Whirlybirds and SupaVents are a necessity for Queensland roofs, removing hot stale air in summer and moisture in colder weather.

High moisture levels can damage the structure and surfaces of your home, as well as making it susceptible to dust mites, mould, and mildew, which can lead to severe health problems. KWR Roofing can supply and install whirlybirds or SupaVents to maximise ventilation in your roof.

Industrial Roof Vents

Roof tiles with roof ventilator

If you are interested in these services, KWR Roofing are here to help!

We service across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Contact us on 07 3847 1031 or at info@kwrroofing.com.au to find out more.