How to maintain your tiled roof

How to maintain your tiled roof

Tiled roofs are incredibly durable; concrete tiles will do the job for about 60 years, and clay tiles will serve you well for about 100 years with regular maintenance. 

Here’s what you can do to keep your tiled roof working well for decades:

 – Book a regular gutter clean to ensure no leaf litter or other debris is disrupting the correct flow of water to downpipes. The number of trees around your property and neighbouring properties will determine how often you need a gutter clean.

 – If you are in a very treed area, consider installing a gutter guard to keep leaves out of your gutters and downpipes.

 – Book a roof inspection to determine what may need to be done to your roof and when, so you can plan any small maintenance items, like new ridge capping or tile replacement or budget for a complete roof restoration.

 – To maintain your roofs street appeal, book in for a roof restoration. This will ensure aesthetics are kept in top shape for years to come!

KWR Roofing - Roof Restoration


The great thing about tiled roofs is that you can often fix a problem by replacing a few broken tiles without having to touch the rest of your roof. 

With all the recent rain in Queensland, you may suspect some new leaks in your roof. It is wise to investigate and act as soon as possible.

Here’s what to look for if you suspect a leak:

 – Check your ceiling and cornices for any staining or signs of mould. Roof leaks are not always evident inside the house.

 – Look in the ceiling cavity with a strong torch when it is raining or immediately afterwards for visible signs of water entry into the roof cavity. 

 – Check for damp insulation in your ceiling cavity or signs of mould or mildew.

 – If there is evidence of a leak, give KWR Roofing a call to arrange a roof leak inspection.


KWR Roofing - Roof Restoration


We employ highly qualified roof tradespeople to manage all your roofing needs. We can clean leaf litter and debris from the roof area and gutters on a regular basis.

KWR Roofing offers everything from replacing broken tiles to full roof restorations. When applicable, our workmanship on repairs comes backed by our 7-year warranty.