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Throughout the world, Velux means quality. A reputation that’s been built up for over 75 years. Perfectly designed to withstand Australia’s harshest climate conditions. All Velux products are high quality and will last a lifetime.

Velux skylights are included in the National Energy Rating program (Accurate). The Velux Skylights range come with several different glazing options that provide radiant heat block, UV heat block and a 10 year warranty on the insulated glass seal.

Please remember that when installing Velux skylights at 3 metres or higher above floor level, that 2004 High Performance glazing must be used to comply with AS 1288.

The Solar range of Velux skylights offer abundant daylight and controllable ventilation. They feature a solar panel that captures daylight to charge a highly efficient, battery powered operator and control system. Coming in 9 sizes, with a supplied 2 metre lead, the system can be supplied by a wireless controller for easy use. For more information, visit: