Roof Restoration


KWR Roofing is a family business with 25 years of experience

How We Perform Roof Restoration


All of our roof restorations follow the same basic steps. The below procedure is something you can trust, as it’s a tried and true method for perfectly restoring a tired looking roof.

  1. We install edge protection and/or safety harnesses to make sure we can work safely on the roof
  2. Our team performs the needed roof repairs like ridge cap repointing so the roof is ready for cleaning and painting
  3. Next, we clean the roof using high pressure water blasters. This removes any built up dirt and moss that would normally prevent the paint bonding to the tile or metal roof
  4. A coat of CT Primer is now applied to the roof to allow time for it to soak into the porous tile. For metal roofs we apply Metal Primer Plus
  5. Almost done! Next we apply two thick coats of Roof Protect roof membrane are applied in a colour of your choice
  6. Lastly, we can then apply an optional coat of Nano Glaze on top to make the roof look extra glossy (Not recommended for metal roofs)